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We also provide

data migration, review and quality control validations of existing clinical data.

Join a growing movement of researchers collaborating with anonymized clinical data.

About LookatchU

LookatchU is a database development company founded in 2017 by Robert Snowie. Robert studied Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta, then shifted into custom software solutions for small business in the 1980's, sensing the beginning of the personal computer revolution in small business. From 1985 to 2005 he developed corporate database (RDBMS) systems for a diverse group of over 50 companies.

Robert has excelled at implementing database marketing, database publishing, digital photography pre-press, and business process change strategies for over 20 years.

Proven Success

Robert has launched two applications which became industry standards in both markets within five years.

Product Suite

Cohort Study Cancer Database

Secure Client-Server VPN System
Dual Access Levels (Data Entry & Analysis)
RECIST Statistics
CTCAE & Histology Tables included

Dual Languages (Mandarin & English)
Chemotherapy Drug Cross References
Molecular Testing, Immunotherapy, Liquid Biopsies
Pathology, Surgery and follow-up event recording

Multiple window views
Automatic Relational Joins
Advanced Set Operations
Innovative Data Visualizations

Association Logistics

Organize Doctor Training meetings, accept online applications, create and process budget approvals within your workgroup efficiently.

Generate invitation letters, emails and authorization letters easily.
Organize and track medical training workshops.
Perform audits of 'actual' spending by Event Planner.
Transportation ticket and Event Management.

Create and print Photo ID Cards. (Coming 2019)
Photo Attendee Booklets. (Coming 2019)

Generate Budget and Spending reports.

Membership Management

Self managed online membership securely via the web, for joining and updating their member profiles, with support for online web forms for membership and various applications.

Every individual member has the option of a free web page, automatically.

Powerful back-end database to manage and track membership growth.
Communicate to members with personalized emails.
Create notes, reminders, to-do's, assign tasks, create reports quickly.

No more spreadsheets!

Responsive Web Portal

Add power to your association's website "Front Door".

A responsive website that can host and communicate educational PDF materials efficiently to Doctors and Patients.

Compatible with all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari and mobile devices.

LookatchUprovides database applications tailored for Cancer Research.

Our application is secure, reliable, and utilized in over 25 research hospitals today.

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Past Clients

If you are involved in Cancer "Big Data" we would like to invite you to collaborate with our existing Researchers in future data studies.

Our core application is ready today for your clinical trials.

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